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String Algorithm Chain

The String Algorithm Chain framework is a wrapper for multiple string algorithms to be executed consecutively as one. This can allow multiple core algorithms/user-created algorithms to modify the input in a chained fashion, or simply perform a few small modular masking transformations. The output of the first algorithm would be the input for the next algorithm and so on. For example, if an email address field needs to be masked with the Email framework to generate unique email addresses but at the same time we want to truncate the output (from left to preserve the domain name) to some fixed length using Regex Decompose framework instance. To achieve it, we can add a new instance of this framework having the above two algorithms in the right sequence.

The above framework allows one to choose between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 algorithms in a sequence. Error handling and fallback behaviour settings are not allowed in the chained algorithms to ensure that the chain does not override the configured options of individual algorithms. Exceptions thrown by the chained algorithms will be preserved and handled by platform settings.

Validation while creating a new instance is done to ensure the existence of the string algorithms specified, and that there are between two and eight algorithms in the list. The algorithms will be executed on the input value in the order they occur in the list.

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