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Pre-set rulesets

Delphix has scanned different applications/databases used with connectors to provide certain preset masking rulesets designed to accelerate the masking process. The default masking ruleset available can be found by navigating to Compliance -> Rulesets

The default ruleset is called Delphix Compliance Superset. Newly created rulesets are listed with a user-defined name and description. Both rulesets have a three-dot menu icon for other options. 

  • Default ruleset options: view, create from existing, and saving as a new copy. 

  • Newly created rulesets options: edit, create from existing, save as a new copy, and delete.

If a ruleset has a warning indicator, it will need to be migrated to the latest version. This can be accomplished by using the “create from existing” option in the three-dot menu, which will require connecting the ruleset with a connector (in order to leverage metadata information stored by the connector).

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