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The extensible Name algorithm framework co-exists with the legacy FIRST NAME SL and LAST NAME SL ones. Name framework provides masking functionality for String type input. It is based on the Secure Lookup mechanism, and includes additional configuration flags making it more flexible and robust.

Similar to Secure Lookup, it creates masking results which are deterministic (i.e. the same algorithm with the same configuration and security key will provide the same result for the same input) and not unique. If a framework with algorithm(s) that provide unique masking results is needed, consider exploring others like Character Mapping.

This framework uses SHA256 hashing method and allows case configurations for input and output (i.e. masked) values. It also allows filtering accents, configuring the maximum length of the masked value. If input name is a multi-word string, it might contain particles related to the name. Particles are considered to be any prefixes, suffixes, titles, etc. This framework allows for configuring which particles are removed and which are preserved.

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