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Masking report


This feature offers masking job details, like how far it progressed before failing or how many fields had data conformity issues (or other errors), by producing a downloadable field-level masking job report in PDF or CSV format. 

Report structure

The report contains the following sections: job details, masking coverage, job duration, field-level outcome, aborting errors, and non-aborting errors.

Naming convention: Masking_Job_Report_<Job_UUID>_<Report_Creation_Time>.pdf

Job details

  • Job status

  • Connector name

  • Connector URL

  • Ruleset name

  • Report creation time

Masking coverage

  • Non-sensitive data

  • Uncategorized data

  • Sensitive data

    • Sensitive masked

    • Sensitive not masked

  • Job duration

    • Includes the job start and end time, in addition to job step details timing.

  • Field level outcome

    • Includes a table with field-level masking report results.

  • Aborting errors and non-aborting errors

    • In each section, if the error data is available, the report will display the table shown in the screenshot.

    • If no error data is available, the report will display the following message shown in the screenshot.

CSV masking report

The CSV report file format will produce a zipped report, which consists of multiple CSV files for each section. For example, ‘Job_Details.csv’ will contain the Job details section, as shown in the screenshot.

Naming convention: Masking_Job_Report_<Job_UUID>_<Report_Creation_Time>.zip

This is a list of CSV files contained in the zipped file.

  • Job_Details.csv

  • Job_Duration.csv

  • Masking_Coverage.csv

  • Field_Level_Outcomes.csv

  • Aborting_Errors.csv

  • Non_Aborting_Errors.csv

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