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Import a masking algorithm


Algorithms can be imported from an on-prem Continuous Compliance engine into Delphix Compliance Services (DCS), in the form of a protobuf object. This process is used with DCS to achieve consistent masking across both products. When transitioning from on-prem to DCS, importing algorithms from Continuous Compliance eliminates any change in the way your data is masked. 

To import an algorithm, an on-prem Continuous Compliance user can call the export API (from the on-prem masking APIs) to retrieve a JSON file containing metadata and a serialized protobuf blob of the on-prem algorithm object. 

Currently, DCS only supports importing algorithms from on-prem engines. Thus, object_type USER_ALGORITHM should be used while exporting engine sync files from an on-prem Continuous Compliance Engine. This algorithm object includes the following fields:

  • Name

  • Framework (component) name

  • Config JSON

  • Key

  • Associated lookup files

All of the algorithm frameworks supported are listed in the Pre-set masking algorithms page.


A Continuous Compliance Engine on version and above is required, simply export the algorithms of the frameworks that DCS supports. If the exported file is encrypted, provide the passphrase in DCS to decrypt the file while importing.

The following algorithm instances/frameworks are not yet supported: 

  • Dependent Date Shift. 


Select the Import button located on the Algorithms page in DCS, then use the window to select a file for import. Make sure to select a JSON file, otherwise, the UI will throw an error for an invalid file type. In the window, the user can see the checkbox to overwrite existing algorithms and ignore unsupported framework algorithms.

  • With the Overwrite existing algorithms option, the user will be able to overwrite existing algorithms.
    For example, if the algorithm “PhoneUnique” already exists in the system and the user imports the same algorithm again with the overwrite option, the existing algorithm will be overwritten.

  • To ignore the unsupported framework algorithms error, select the Ignore unsupported framework algorithms option.

Users can do successive imports of the algorithms with the same name, the only difference in the algorithm names on the DCS side will be the count (001, 002, etc.) as a suffix. To identify the algorithms uniquely, users can refer to the Last Synced field on the algorithm page, which shows the import date and time.

Naming rules

Upon importing algorithms into DCS, any algorithm name with the prefix dlpx-core: will have the colon (:) replaced with a space. For example, dlpx-core:CM Digits will become dlpx-core CM Digits .

In addition, DCS does not permit duplicate algorithm names. If duplicates are detected after any necessary prefix removal, a three-digit number will be added as a suffix to distinguish between them. For example, dlpx-core CM Digits - 001, dlpx-core CM Digits - 002, and so on.

‘Created by’ field of imported algorithms

The Created by field is set to be the exportHost attribute in the exported file from the Continuous Compliance Engine. Usually, it is the domain name of the engine.

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