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The Email framework masks string values by splitting the input on the '@' symbol and independently masking the name and domain portions of the email address. Masked values are calculated algorithmically using the algorithm's key, so rekeying the algorithm will cause different outputs to be generated for each input. All inputs to this framework are valid and the framework will not generate non-conformant data events. 

As an example, an Email algorithm that uses Lookup Value to mask the name portion and Replacement Text to mask the domain portion with the following configuration:

Lookup file

  • Amy

  • Bob

  • Jake

  • Katherine

Replacement text:

May mask as

Another example that uses the Algorithm option for both the name and domain portion with the following configuration:

  • Name algorithm: dlpx-core:FirstName

  • Domain algorithm: dlpx-core:CM Alpha-Numeric

May mask as follows:

For the name portion, different algorithms can also be selected for the first name and last name segments by selecting the Multi Algorithm option. Segments must precede the @ symbol and be delimited by email-allowed punctuation.

The algorithm can also be configured to specify various error-handling options and to filter the accented characters (such as converting é to e).

The Email framework will not generate non-conformant data events, but the chained algorithm may generate such events.

All inputs with the same value masked with the same algorithm configuration will result in the same output values.

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