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dlpx-core:Phone Unique

Based >Extensible Algorithm Framework

The Phone Unique algorithm masks the last 7 digits in the character group [0-9] with the hash value of the digits. All characters outside of this character group remain unmasked and are preserved in the masked value.

The maximum acceptable input length is 30 symbols, longer inputs will trigger non-conformant data handling. The input must contain at least one character in the character group [0-9], or non-conformant data handling will be triggered.

For example:

  • "12-765" → "29-540"

  • "(123)456-7890" → "(123)012-3901"

  • "1(800) FLOWERS" → "2(746) FLOWERS"

  • "+1-650-513-0514" → "+1-650-409-9747"

  • "(512) 333-1234 ext 123" → "(512) 333-2905 ext 908"

  • "CALL-ME-FLOWERS" → "CALL-ME-FLOWERS" (and generates a non-conformant data event)

This algorithm may generate non-conformant data events.

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