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dlpx-core:Email SL

Based >Extensible Algorithm Framework

The Email SL algorithm is an instance of the Email Algorithm Framework. This algorithm splits the input on the '@' symbol. Handling of malformed inputs is detailed on the Email Algorithm Framework page. This algorithm does not generate any non-conformant data events. The algorithm will split the input into two parts: name and domain. Name is the portion before the '@' symbol and domain is the portion after the '@' symbol.

A secure lookup is applied to the name portion of the input. The provided secure lookup file contains 20,000 unique lookup values in various formats. The following formats are used in the default lookup file:

  • FirstName.LastName

  • FirstName_LastName

  • FirstInitial.LastName

  • FirstNameLastName

  • FirstNameLastInitialNumber

The domain portion is replaced by the fixed value " ". This value is a reserved domain with a valid DNS entry.

This algorithm is deterministic based on an algorithm key. It is possible that there may be collisions where two different values mask to the same value due to the nature of secure lookup. The out-of-the-box instance of this algorithm is called dlpx-core:Email SL.

For example:

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