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These are consistent terms used within this application that refer to different aspects of the masking process:

  • Connector: A connector is a representation of a data source. Delphix Compliance Services uses the connector to communicate with a data source and target, then fetches the schema (tables and column names). It also allows for data to be masked by reading from a data source and writing the masked data back to the same data source.

  • Domain: Domains are categories used to classify data into logical groups, such as “address”, “city”, or “SSN”, and help with the masking process. Defining domains is an optional step when using Delphix Compliance Services.

  • Algorithm: This is the process, or set of rules, that specify how a specific set of data should be masked. For example, “change X to Y”, where guidelines are specified around what defines X and Y. Delphix has a growing number of pre-set algorithms that can be used, or a new one can be created within our supported frameworks.

  • Ruleset: A ruleset is what determines how to mask columns in a data source. More specifically, it maps columns in the data source to masking algorithms. Delphix uses a pre-set option of rulesets for common data sources called Delphix Compliance Superset, or a new one can be created.

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