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Delphix Compliance Services currently supports in-place masking, where the source data is also the end target. This is the most reliable masking process.

At its simplest, masking data follows three steps:

  1. Securely Connect to Data: Connect Delphix to a data source.
    Delphix Compliance Services will establish a connection with a data source, usually a staging dataset or an application sandbox. The connection is automatically established through OAuth or direct through use of a username and password.

  2. Select Masking Rules: Customize the masking algorithm selection for a dataset.
    To facilitate the creation of masking rulesets, Delphix provides a combination of predefined algorithms, customized algorithms, and a pre-set ruleset to reach a multitude of complex datasets.

  3. Start a Compliance Job to Mask Data: Apply a ruleset to a connected dataset and execute a compliance job.
    With a connection established and a ruleset defined, the last step is to run a masking job. A masking job requires a connector, a ruleset, and optional parameters. When a masking job is running, the status of the job can be monitored.

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