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Credit Card

Based >Extensible Algorithm Framework

The Credit Card algorithm is an instance of the Payment Card Algorithm Framework. The algorithm requires input values to have at least 8 digits in the character group [0-9]. If an input value has less than this, the algorithm will return an error. It preserves the first 6 digits of the input and requires at least one position to be masked for masking to be considered successful. The algorithm masks all subsequent digits by replacing them with a random value. All input characters that are not in the character group [0-9] are preserved. The algorithm maintains Luhn check validity through masking so input values with a valid Luhn check will mask to a value with a valid Luhn check. The out-of-the-box instance of this algorithm is called CreditCard.

For example:

  • "6379315274824970" → "6379318341375224"

  • "6379.3152.7482.4970" → "6379.3183.4137.5224"

  • "abc5473defg04828hijkl0656253" → "abc5473defg04971hijkl6490341"

This algorithm may generate non-conformant data events.

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