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Cancel a masking job

Canceling a masking job will terminate the execution of that masking job.

Termination will stop the job in its tracks. With respect to Salesforce this means:

  • Salesforce Bulk API jobs that were already submitted may or may not complete

  • No new Salesforce Bulk API jobs from this execution will be created upon termination. It is worth noting that termination will not re-enable all the packages and triggers that were disabled as part of job execution.

When canceling a masking job there are no guarantees on the state of the data. Some fields might be fully masked, others might be partially masked, while others might not be masked at all. In the case of Salesforce, this also means that reporting of masked values may not be completely accurate. For these reasons, you should exercise caution when cancelling a masking job.

To cancel a Masking Job, click the Terminate button in the row for the job that is running. Confirm the action in the dialogue that appears by clicking Terminate again.

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